Return Policy

You may return items to for the following reasons:

  • Order Damaged in Shipping:  Our carriers are the best in the business, but unfortunately sometimes accidents happen.
  • We Shipped Incorrect Item:  We strive to achieve 100% accuracy - if we've made a mistake on your order, we sincerely apologize.
  • You Ordered Wrong Item:  Returns for this reason are approved at the sole discretion of management and any credit will be subject to a 40% restocking fee.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must submit a return request prior to returning any item.  The return request must be approved and, at such time, a Return ID Number will be issued.  This number must be noted on the shipping label on all returns.  Returns received without authorization and/or without a Return ID Number will be rejected and the items will be returned to sender.  All returns must be received delivery pre-paid.

Return Address:
1609 Chase St.
Falls City, NE  68355

Order Damaged in Shipping

If your order has been damaged in shipping, we sincerely apologize.  Please inspect all items for damage before the driver leaves and before unloading from the delivery truck if possible.  Take photos of any damage observed. and our carriers are not responsible for damaged orders not reported at the time of delivery.  If the stock in your order or any portion of it is usable despite the damage, do not reject the shipment.  The damaged portion of your order will be replaced and shipped to you at a later date if your claim is approved.  Even though you may not have to physically return the damaged item, you are required to complete the Return Request form so as to secure proper documentation.  Be sure to note any important details regarding the damage and the item's condition.

We Shipped Incorrect Item

We strive to achieve perfection, but we make mistakes on occasion.  If we've got your order wrong, we sincerely apologize and regret any inconvenience we may have caused.  We will gladly replace the item and ship it to you free of charge.  Simply complete the Return Request form and we'll get the process started.  If requested, please return the items to our warehouse and note the Return ID Number on the shipping label.

You Ordered the Wrong Item

We understand that no one's perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so we strive to be flexible with returns.  Unfortunately some items may not be returnable or, due to the weight, impractical to do so.  Specialty stock and high volume orders are especially difficult to accommodate returns.  Returns of incorrectly or inadvertently ordered items are authorized at the discretion of management and will be subject to a 40% restocking fee.  If you wish to return an item for this reason, please complete the Return Request form.